Edward Dwyer, DDS: A general and
laser dentist in the Buffalo, NY, area.

Experience the future of dental care when you discover laser dentistry at Edward Dwyer, DDS. We offer laser dentistry with the Waterlase MD that will revolutionize your dental care experience.

There are some things you should be afraid of, but going to the dentist shouldn’t be one of them. With Waterlase laser dentistry, Dr. Edward Dwyer can perform many procedures by laser without the anxiety, pressure and noise from a drill. Laser dentistry is safe and effective with fewer-to-no shots and virtually no pain so you will have a more comfortable dental care experience.

Comfortable. Convenient. Precise.
Waterlase® Dental Laser can be used for most dental procedures. Best yet, at Edward Dwyer, DDS, we offer comprehensive dental care so you can get all your dental services in one place. Gentle dentistry is always our goal. Your healthy smile is our mission.

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